Diversifying Search Results - Microsoft

We focus on how to diversify search results making explicit use of knowledge about the topics the query or the documents may refer to. A recent user study ...

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Diversifying Search Results - Microsoft


We focus on how to diversify search results making explicit use of knowledge about the topics the query or the documents may refer to. A recent user study ...

Diversifying Web Search Results


Hence workloads and query classes are rarely known in advance. In this paper, we base our analysis on click-through rate estimates and statistics about search ...

Improving Web Search Results Using Affinity Graph - Microsoft


In this paper, we propose a novel ranking scheme named Affinity. Ranking (AR) to re-rank search results by optimizing two metrics: (1) diversity -- which indicates ...

Learn from Web Search Logs to Organize Search Results


Compared with the traditional methods of clustering search results, our method can give better result organization and more mean- ingful labels. Categories and ...

Embase 104 – Refining Search Results - Elsevier


Embase has seventeen filter categories. They are at the left of your search results page. Click. 'Expand' to expand all of the filter categories to see which filters ...

Automatically Categorizing Search Results - Susan Dumais


We developed a user interface that organizes Web search results into hierarchical categories. Text classification algorithms were used to automatically classify ...

Search results Searching - Emerald Group Publishing


Refine your search further with the options on the right of the screen. Sort by: • Relevance. • Newest/Oldest. Access: • Only content accessible by your institution.

How Google Uses Metadata to Improve Search Results - Taylor ...


Most information discovery systems, such as library catalogs and Inter- net search engines, generate search results in one of three different ways. The first method ...

bias in search results?: diagnosis and response - Indian Journal of ...


But a growing undercurrent questions whether search results are in fact chosen optimally and evenhandedly. Might a search engine sometimes elect to favor links ...

Microsoft Word 2010 Guide du produit - Microsoft Download Center


Sommaire. Introduction . ... Word 2010 vous offre les outils nécessaires pour créer des documents professionnels réussis qui vous aident à vous exprimer de ...

Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 data sheet - Microsoft Download ...


Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) 2016. Modern identity and ... As described below, Microsoft Identity Manager 2016 has a simple set of purchasing and licensing.

Technical reference for Microsoft Office 2010 - Microsoft Download ...


Proofing Tools Config.xml OptionState Id values . ... For example, if you have an Office image with English, French, German, and Spanish, to specify that ... scenario with a 32-bit Office 2010 installation on a computer running a 64-bit edition of.

microsoft office excel 97-2007 - Microsoft Download Center


2000, XL10 = Microsoft Excel 2002, XL11 = Microsoft Office Excel 2003, XL12 = Microsoft Office Excel 2007 and so on. New Records in BIFF8 for Microsoft Excel ...

First Look: Microsoft Office 2010 - Microsoft Download Center


international editions, contact your local Microsoft Corporation office or contact Microsoft Press International ... Office 2010 Professional Plus includes SharePoint Workspace 2010, a data-sharing workspace ... Click Enable Editing to activate.



Pre-Activation. If you acquired an edition other than Microsoft Office. Ultimate 2007, some functionality is licensed for your use only until you activate the software ...

Microsoft Office - Microsoft Download Center


Licensing Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013 RT for commercial use . ... Activation through Key Management Service and Multiple Activation Key . ... Office Professional Plus 2019 offers a complete toolset for both individual and team ...

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FSC Public Search - la Droguerie Eco.


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search in gforsuccess - EBRD


Law Organization (IDLO). MIchEL NuSSBauMER. European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). Chapter Three. The EBRD Legal Assessment ...

JAVA for Beginners - Search


Beginners. 2 nd. Edition. An introductory course for Advanced IT Students and those who would like to learn the Java programming language. Riccardo. Flask ...

What is Counselling: A Search for a Definition


The British Association for Counselling (BAC), now the BACP, may have been the first professional association to adopt a definition of professional counselling. In ...

FY 2017 Annual Report - Search Inc.


Jennifer French. Molly Galvin. Zhivko Gochev. Mary Gordon. Gary and Irena Grach ... Hollywood Blvd Cinema. HoodLamb. In Kind Donors Continued. IO Theater.

The Three Temptations: Medieval Man in Search of the World


was "for no wylyde werke, ne wowyng nauper / Bot for 3e lufed your lyf; pe lasse I yowe blame" (2366-68). The author high- lights the contradictions inherent in ...

The Stata Journal - AgEcon Search


7 Oct 2008 ... limits the size of the combined graph to 999 faces; see [P] serset for more details. Hair shading is stored as a separate serset, thus specifying ...

The Challenges of Change - Search Recommendations - ITU


in the traditional coloured books. We also ... Developing countries currently face the problem of too few experts and limited budgets ... XXX X^X X X X X W X W W.

CroisiEurope 2019 - Trip Search


“excluding” category. Only on board the ships from our CroisiEurope fleet (excluding Exotic river cruises). (2) Apart from our ships on the Mekong and the Volga.

Prosecutors And The Press In The Search For 'The Truth, The Whole ...


23 Aug 2011 ... caught in a political embroglio but not breaking any law. And I am chagrined to say there are prosecutors, within and without the. Department of ...

In Search of Marc Chagall - jstor


Marc Chagall: On Art and Culture, edited by Benjamin Harshav, translat- ... manuals which dominated lycées and Gymnasiums in pre-and post-World War.

Awards for being cat friendly - Search ProQuest


Staywell PetPorte and Sureflap, the Cat. Activity Fun Board from Trixie, and Agria. Cat Insurance. The top students in ICC's. 2014 distance learning courses also.

Search Quality Guidelines - RaterHub.com


5 Dec 2019 ... 0.1 The Purpose of Search Quality Rating. 6. 0.2 Raters Must ... company site, and http://finance.yahoo.com is the homepage of Yahoo Finance. You can usually find the ... in order to recover the operating system for the ...

Management and the Neutrino: The Search for Meaningful ... - jstor


how these managers should behave mesh well with the descriptions and prescriptions of Henry Mitzberg (i973).4. Peters pays little homage to scholars.5 He ...

Efficient Search for Two-Dimensional Rank-1 Lattices with ... - Uni Ulm


Sabrina Dammertz, Holger Dammertz, and Alexander Keller. Φb(i) : N0 −→ Q ∩ [0, 1) i = ∞. ∑ j=0 aj(i)bl ↦− →. ∞. ∑ j=0 aj(i)b−j−1,. (3) where aj(i) denotes the ...

economic and regional studies - AgEcon Search


10 Kwi 2019 ... klaster edukacyjny „Invest in EDU”, celem którego jest współpraca z władzami gmin w celu dostosowa- nia szkolnictwa zawodowego do ...

Word Search Algorithm and its Comparison - IJCTT


QuickDic:- This app was founded in 2014 by Thad. Hughes.The app is a offline Dictionary which support multiple laungauge.This Appliction uses the SD card to ...

Analysis and automatic classification of web search queries for ...


1 January 2004) of logs from America Online (AOL) and found that ... movies online, download software for which the click entropy is ... 3d pinball space cadet.

Taxonomic etymology – in search of inspiration - ZooKeys


17 Jul 2015 ... The irresistible desire to classify things has always been an important element of culture and science. In the pre-modern era this resulted in, ...